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Soooo I just reblogged this gifset of the Avengers, and it’s made me wonder HOW THE HECK people get gifsets to arrange themselves so that they are three images stacked vertically… 


How the heck do you make gifsets that look like they are three images stacked vertically??? I need to know this for reasons.

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    So helpful! Thank you
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    Yes! I can!! I now know how to do this, yay! :D Learning is fun. Quick and Dirty Tutorial: First step: make your gifs!...
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    Seriously, can someone explain how
  8. dontactuallyfuckit answered: The first 2 parts of that gifset are actually one gif
  9. pipechapman said: Make 2 gifs and paste 1 below the other with a clear 10 px bar so that both are in the 1st pic slot. Confusing wording, but if you click on the pictures in the set you’re referring to, you’ll see what I mean.
  10. momentsofweakness answered: I think people insert very thin ‘clear’ image placeholders into the extra spots. So you don’t see them, but they take up the space. I think.
  11. itseemsasthough said: maybe you specifically need gifs that are longer than they are tall?