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Title: Untitled
Author: Anon
Rating: NC-17
Status: WIP
Warnings: Nipple!kink, werewolf power dynamics (alpha/omega), very very mild dubcon, eventual mpreg, there might be lactation eventually?
Summary: Kurt and Blaine are both werewolves; Blaine is an alpha, and Kurt is an omega. Growing up, Blaine has always had a strong fascination with Kurt’s nipples, Kurt’s smell, and Kurt. When they both meet again as teenagers, Blaine is quick to let Kurt know that he’s tremendously interested in courting him and taking him as his mate. 

My Summary:

Okay, so… this fic is remarkable in that it features a large number of kinks that really aren’t usually my thing. I mean, some of the kinks listed above are ones I usually try to stay away from and can even be squicky to me sometimes. 

But… despite that? It’s… it’s kind of gloriously hot to me. 

The interplay between Blaine and Kurt in this fic is just… god, it’s quite incendiary! There’s such a draw between the two of them that lasts over years and years, and the way that they’re both so completely enthralled and taken in and fascinated with one another is kind of incredibly sexy and sweet and really awesome to read. I think that one reviewer described it along the lines of ‘so pure but also so hot’, and I really do completely agree. 

And oh, man. I’ve never ever had a nipple!kink before ever, but… the author makes it really super hot oh my gosh

The characterization of Kurt and Blaine isn’t necessarily quite true to canon — mostly because of the werewolf power dynamics, which is understandable given the AU nature — but they’re still very definitely recognizable as one another. I have no idea the direction this fic is intending to take, but it’s still completely and utterly worthwhile as a very sexy, very enjoyable, and very very well-written guilty pleasure read. :)

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