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Title: The Grass Is Much Greener With Us On It
Author: coatofstars
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Status: WIP
Contains: Lots of porn, rimming, facials, rough sex, the porn industry, etc. Author warns for content on a chapter-by-chapter basis. Kurt and Blaine with other people in non-romantic but sexual ways. 
Status: Frequently updated kinkmeme WIP
Author’s Summary: Blaine and Kurt are both pornstars, and pretty damn good ones at that. They know their business is all about being gorgeous and fucking other gorgeous people. So why are they so incredibly drawn to one other? Is it just the fact that the sex is blisteringly hot, or is it something more?

My Summary:

First of all, you should know that this fic is hot. Shiver-inducing, finger-tingling, face-heatingly scorching hot. Just… gahh.I can’t even find words to describe how ridiculously hot this is. It defies all reason. It makes kinks that are not even usually my style absurdly sexy. 

Second of all, you should know that this fic is an absolute delight to read. Seriously: the plot is engaging, all of the ~feelings make me clench with excitement, and the characterization of our boys just makes me want to sing out in joy.

I went into “The Grass is Much Greener” expecting a few delicious porn scenes and not much else. Well, not only is it sexy like no one’s business: as soon as it starts getting into Kurt and Blaine’s perspectives, it opens up  into a fabulous piece of story-telling and characterization. The way Kurt and Blaine react to one another somehow creates a dynamic that should be miles away different from what we see on the show — but somehow, there’s something so very THEM about it despite the different world. Additionally, the author has a great deal of knowledge and experience with the porn industry and it shows in the best possible way: it makes for a remarkably realistic, engaging reading experience.

Just… this fic is delightful. Go give it a read! I promise you’ll be alternatively grinning like an idiot, fanning yourself like crazy, and going doe-eyed over all the lovely feelings. Enjoy!

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