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22/07/14 @ 04:33pm
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"You order a slice of strawberry pie, and the waitress indicates through words and movements that it will be brought to you presently. The radio speaks soothingly to you from staticky speakers set into a foam-tile ceiling. It is telling a story about you! Your story, at last.”



Absolutely fabulous day; a drive into town with friends, a walk around the Lincoln Park zoo, trances in the park that still have the vivid grass and yellow flowers seared into the back of my eyelids. There’s nothing else I would rather have been doing on our last day in Chicago. 

We’re half-way home now, just waiting for our second flight at the Seattle airport, and I’m blown away at how unbelievably absurd and wonderful this weekend has been. Fayvie and I have been so tremendously fortunate in the connections we’ve made and the experiences we’ve had, and I know this weekend is something that’s going to stick with us for a long time to come.


People keep determinedly insisting that both of us are going to be at WEEHU (The Western Erotic Hypnosis Unconference) in San Francisco in September, too, which is a little bit ridiculous but also very flattering.

It’s been such an honour to be welcomed into this community with such openness and enthusiasm!!

Also, Deep in the Mind of Texas, which will have a lake, and a pool. (And may need a chocolate shake machine, now that I think about it.) I’m processing that moment in the park, but the joy had me on the verge of…. So glad you had such a great time!
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Oops, I was determinedly not mentioning DMTX because I got it into my head that it was a small event? Oh, well. FREE PIMPAGE FOR DEEP IN THE MIND OF TEXAS CAN BE FOUND HERE. (The organizers are super good people and it totally sounds like a blast.) 
That moment in the park was incredible. I was talking about it with Fayvie, and we realized that both of us can visualize standing in the circle holding hands so well even though our eyes were closed for most of it. <3 I’m so glad you were okay with being my first “subject”!
(Also, your tags are also making me giggle. #musthaveallthelettersinajumble #didyougetideasfromtheextraordinaryamountoftagsonmyblog #safejourneyhome)

The best things about coming back from a holiday:

  • Mr. Darling always makes sure that the house is sparkling clean when I arrive home, which is wonderful. (It’s cleaner than when I left!)
  • Getting to snuggle with Freya-cat for the first time in a week.
  • Getting woken up for super-quick half-awake sexy-times before Mr. Darling left for work this morning. 


It’s good to be home.

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According to the FX Guide, Lola VFX initially planned to achieve “Old Peggy” by filming Atwell with no make-up, "do a further shoot with old age prosthetic make-up applied," and then "carry out a digital facial re-projection of the ‘old age make-up Atwell’ onto her original body." However, due to the prostetics “restricting” the British actress’ performance, the Captain America: Winter Soldier crew resumed the make-up process with a young actress that resembles Hayley Atwell. 

Then an elderly actress was cast and brought in “with the intention of seeing what real skin looked like; translucency, how does the skin sag, how does it move as she talks? said Williams. “I said, ‘Let’s try something that we’ve never done before.’ I wanted to take the performance of the elderly woman that we had shot in a rig with eight cameras and project the skin onto the original Hayley footage that had been shot on set. We took a still frame of the skin and tracked it onto the original photography, and it looked so good. The way we did it – it was amazing – you could still see Hayley, her eyes, her mouth, her underlying structure, but we just lifted the creases and cracks and age from the elderly woman and transposed it onto Hayley’s young face.” 

For an even more in-depth explaination as to how the Lola visual effects team created “Old Peggy,” make the jump over to the FX Guide. However, you can see a shot of Hayley Atwell’s Winter Soldier scene compared to the finished product, and other official stills via Luma Pictures.

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MCU MEME — [1/8] eight characters » Peggy Carter

"Gentlemen, I’m Agent Carter. I supervise all operations for this division."

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Today’s (a bit more than a) warm-up, ,my take on the All-New Captain America - 1h 15

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(No, I cannot get you out)

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Why are you always so young?
Nah. That was you.

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